About Us

Tia Small

Tia Small:  In 1999, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. I searched for a suitable nursing home in the San Francisco Bay Area that would accommodate her needs and was surprised by the lack of available resources for finding senior housing. Despite much effort and time off of work, I was only marginally satisfied with the facility we eventually selected.

Over the next 10 years, my family and I had to embark on this hunt three more times due to my mother’s changing needs or the changing of direction of the facilities she lived in. Each search was equally long, labor intensive and frustrating. After going through this process, I realized there was a great opportunity to provide a comprehensive senior housing solution to people like myself and my mother, because we knew we weren’t the only ones in this situation.

After my mother passed away, I began to visit senior facilities, gathering information, and learning everything I could about the senior housing market in order to help create a solution that would provide targeted, personalized information to those looking for senior housing.

I bring over 20 years of software development management to Lucille’s List, ranging from orbital mechanics for satellite systems to edutainment to architectural software, with key management, leadership, and project management roles.


Hilary Parkhill

Hilary Parkhill:  My only memories I have of visiting my Great-Grandmother are in a skilled nursing facility. I was only 7 when she passed away, and that was when I became aware that when some people get older, they may need to live in a place where they can be taken care of by others.

Family conversations soon turned to my Grandmother’s mental health, and how to care for her. Dementia runs in my family and there has always been discussion about how to take care of our loved ones now and plan for the future, if the next generation should follow down this same path.

After my Grandmother passed, I became acutely aware that it was my turn to step up and start planning for what may be waiting for me with my own parents. I started doing research on the internet and was not impressed or satisfied with what I saw available online.

That experience led me to believe that something better and more helpful could be created for all people looking for senior housing education and options. I knew that I wanted to embark on creating such a solution, one with integrity and respect.  

Prior to founding Lucille’s List, my career was primarily focused on Customer Service and Sales with a majority of it spent in the cellular phone industry. I worked as a liaison between Sales, Customer Operations and Engineering, and in Sales and Project Management for Customer Operations.


In 2010 we joined forces.  With the shared interest of improving the senior housing dilemma, we created the Lucille's List website for the San Francisco Bay Area.  Lucille's List is named after Tia's late mother.